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Loving You & Loving These Photos

I love having talented friends. I love even more when my talented friend are also brilliant.  My friend, Megan, has a photography business and she’s launched a new concept that takes “a day in the life” to the next level. … Continue reading

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Color Themes: September / Purple

Wow – this month was a lot harder than the previous two. But, like the previous two, an unintentional theme emerged. This one was all about playing around with our new 50mm Nikon lens. Loving it, but I know I … Continue reading

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Color Themes: August / Green

This month’s color theme was green. Again, another perfect color for the month in my opinion. As it turns out, this month’s unofficial theme is “landscapes.” Sure there are probably a ton of other, less expected instances of green in … Continue reading

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My mom was given a wonderful book entitled, “A Grandparent’s Legacy” – it’s a decent sized book of questions to be completed by a grandparent that essentially recounts their entire life and personality and…well, their legacy for future generations. I’m … Continue reading

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