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Loving You & Loving These Photos

I love having talented friends. I love even more when my talented friend are also brilliant.  My friend, Megan, has a photography business and she’s launched a new concept that takes “a day in the life” to the next level. … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

Today was a long day, with an early (4:58am) start due to the time change, so I’m phoning in today’s post. If you are gay, or if you are religious, but especially if you are gay AND religious, please read … Continue reading

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The one in which we drove our baby into a Tropical Storm

Our first vacation with the little one is in the books! And what an experience it was. From suitcase trunk tetris to 5 stops on a 7 hour drive, it was apparent this wasn’t our “old” vacation. We started with … Continue reading

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When wishing doesn’t make it so.

Last week, I read (former Atlanta DJ) Melissa Carter’s article regarding gay marriage in the Georgia Voice. She states that lawmakers would think of gay marriage differently if we make it an economic issue. The math in the article is … Continue reading

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Listen to your Heart

* Guest post from Ashley! One of the first questions we’re asked when folks find out we’re expecting is “what are each of you going be called?”  It’s a valid question, but not one I could answer with certainty. Possibly … Continue reading

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Getting Here

Dear DMV Lady, Bank of America Manager & OBGYN Scheduler**, I know what you’re thinking. You’re not even hiding it well. I see the quick glance to my 3rd trimester belly when I tell you that I have a new … Continue reading

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Whew, things have been quiet on this blog for the last week. In real life, they’ve been anything but quiet. Unfortunately the soundtrack has been all hacking coughs, sniffles and pitiful moaning and groaning. A tiny little tickle in my … Continue reading

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