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A New Orleans girl living in Georgia and starting a family. This blog is and outlet for my thoughts and pondering while pregnant, figuring out how to raise a little one, defining our family as a 2 mother household, work/careers, and just anything else I have to get off my mind. You can also expect the ruminations of special guest blogger, Ashley.


I’ve been telling everyone that we do not have a toddler yet, since she is not technically toddling. It seems unfair that you only have a baby for a year. But in the last 2 weeks or so, the baby … Continue reading

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Loving You & Loving These Photos

I love having talented friends. I love even more when my talented friend are also brilliant.  My friend, Megan, has a photography business and she’s launched a new concept that takes “a day in the life” to the next level. … Continue reading

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A thing of the past?

This was washed & packed up yesterday. Granted, she only took 1 bottle a day – her bedtime bottle with her mama. But still! We have a big girl who goes to sleep at night without boob or bottle.

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The routine

I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve recapped our daily routine. It’s changed a lot and is on the verge of another big shift, so I wanted to record this snapshot of daily life at 1 year old. … Continue reading

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1 year!

Our sweet baby is no longer a baby by strict definition. However, I’ll refuse to call her a toddler until she’s toddling. Although I have to admit that toddler-like emotions and opinions are beginning to emerge. Before we get to … Continue reading

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What she thinks about the child safety locks

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Sleep Learning

While scientists still are not 100% sure about the purpose of sleep, they do know it is vital to learning. I cannot begin to comprehend what goes on in a baby’s brain while she sleeps since there is simply so … Continue reading

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