Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!!

Just trying to get into the spirit here. I can’t let Elia’s first Christmas go un-recapped.

It was a pretty special Christmas, of course – though Elia didn’t really know anything was going on. All she knew is that we suddenly didn’t let her in our dining area where we set up the tree this year.

O Christmas Tree

Though not an official Christmas event, we got into the holiday spirit with a girls’ lunch at the American Girl Bistro with Nicola, Natalie and her 2 daughters. It was really cute and I can’t wait to take Elia back in a few more years when she can really enjoy it.

American Girl Bistro

That weekend we had an early gift exchange with both sets of cousins, and she scored some really cool gifts, including books – several of which are her new favorites – and her own Christmas tree and “1st Christmas” ornaments! In fact, that seemed to be a popular gift, so her tree will have a strong base next year!

An early Christmas celebration

I even got a bit inspired this year thanks to Pinterest:

Handprint Santas

Christmas itself was spent in New Orleans. Our good car sleeper didn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time and was up and unhappy for a good portion of the drive. I sit in the back with her, but then that leaves Ashley up front for 7-9 hours “alone.” No matter what we did, it was rough. However, we were so happy to be there and see everyone again.

Maw Maw bought her a lovely Christmas dress and she was the belle of the ball – for a little while at least. With her early bedtime being even earlier than usual due to the central time zone, she wasn’t with us for very long before she retired to her pack n play in the bedroom.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas morning she woke up bright and early at 5am and we placed her in front of her assortment of toys under the tree. She immediately played with the tree skirt, tissue paper from presents to be given out later in the day, some stray Mignon Faget ribbon from the day before, her maw maw’s coffee mug collection, her mama’s tennis shoe, her Poppy’s CDs, a water bottle, & some lint. Eventually she made her way to her new books from Uncle Jay and then the other toys.

This Christmas thing is great!

We spent the rest of the week in New Orleans where we had an early taste of “girls gone wild”.

Pat O's

Poppy's future favorite riding partner

I know this season will only get more special over the next few years.


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