Color Themes: November / White


Coffee Break; Veterans Day Flags; Sweet Dreams; Cream Cheese Filling


About Alicia

A New Orleans girl living in Georgia and starting a family. This blog is and outlet for my thoughts and pondering while pregnant, figuring out how to raise a little one, defining our family as a 2 mother household, work/careers, and just anything else I have to get off my mind. You can also expect the ruminations of special guest blogger, Ashley.
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2 Responses to Color Themes: November / White

  1. Haha! I JUST posted a tutorial on this template today. Funny! Also…I had to kind of triple check your blog because that Santa and the couch are EXACTLY the same as our Santa and his couch at the mall. Seriously, the Santa looks exactly the same! For a minute I was like, “How did I miss that she lives in Boise?”

    • Alicia says:

      Wow – that’s funny about our Santa twins! I was actually catching up on my blogs while rocking Elia to sleep this afternoon & I saw your post – it’s what reminded me that I needed to do my “white” post today. 🙂 I actually use picnik though. Unfortunately I don’t know how to use photoshop.

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