Thanksgiving Catch Up

Ah, I was doing so well posting daily, but this week got the better of me. On Tuesday, we found out that a friend had lost all brain function after being in a coma for 2 weeks following a car accident. It seemed so wrong to prattle on about the highs and lows of my mundane day while our best friend lost her first love & high school sweetheart, a young wife was left without a husband, and 2 kids were left without a father. Yet, it also would have been insincere to write about him here as it’s not my story to tell. His wife, friends, family and loved ones are doing an amazing job of that here. So Thanksgiving week has been full of reflection, questions about the fairness of life, and extra appreciation for what we have.

Still, there were beautiful and funny parts of the week too, which I don’t want to forget (since we’re still in the world of firsts) so here’s a bit of a catch up post.

On Tuesday (the same day we found out about Glen), my aunt and uncle took a detour while returning from a wedding at Ashville, NC and paid us a visit. Since I’ve successfully cooked like 2 things, I now consider myself Betty Crocker, and had the bright idea while brushing my teeth that morning to whip up a coffee cake. From scratch and for the first time. I learned 3 things that morning: 1. You shouldn’t add the dry parts of a cake mix to the mixer when it’s on medium. It does not save time, contrary to what one may think, 2. Pie pans come in different sizes and ours are apparently the smallest ones ever, and 3. The entire bottom of an oven can lift out for a good scrubbing just by removing 2 screws.

Coffee Cake Explosion

There was a moment when I was waist deep in a still-warm oven, topless (it was hot and I was already in my “nice” clothes for the visit and didn’t want to ruin my top), and just convinced that my aunt and uncle were going to knock at any second. As it happened, they didn’t come until mid-afternoon, so I was able to clean the oven, cut away eat the batter overflow and re-bake the cake. And the sucker turned out pretty good. Elia learned something as well. She learned that she could barrel roll from her play area in our living room, through the dining area, and to the kitchen. She started “talking” right behind me as I was cleaning the oven and about scared me to death. She’s never traveled quite that far on her own before.

Aunt Retta & Uncle Jimmy

The visit was really special and I had a great time chatting with them all afternoon and through dinner. They loved getting to see Elia, and I loved just catching up. Usually when we see each other, it’s in the midst of a huge holiday celebration with tons of other people around. Also, let me be honest – they could read the dictionary in that rhythmic Cajun accent, and I’d be filled with warmth and joy just listening to it.

Wednesday was a day of more baking, though I was kind of over it after the fiasco the day before. Luckily, I only had to make the apple cream cheese bunt, while Ashley did a rum cake and 2 pecan pies.

Thanksgiving was at Kinney’s house, with a large spread of yummy Southern favorites. We ate until we were stuffed, and then crashed on the couch in front of football. Elia sat with us at lunch and ate her peas, carrots and apples with barely a peep, and then was perfectly happy to roll around on the floor with her toys for a good part of the afternoon. My favorite part had to be when Will (almost 3) gave her a big kiss on the cheek, and then turned his head a bit, raised his eyebrows, and pointed to his own cheek. Poor little guy never did understand why he didn’t get a kiss in return. I’m sure it won’t be long until she’s returning hugs and kisses, and running like a wild child with her cousins. We left for home 5 hours after lunch and were still stuffed. Overall, it was a great day filled with food and family.

Everyone Hop on Pop!

Thanksgiving Day

I feel as though a “recap” style post on Thanksgiving is glossing over the far more meaningful “thankful for” post that should be written. But between our continued awe with our first-born, and the loss of Glen causing a ton of reflection on what we’ve lost, but  also what is still here, there’s simply too much to be thankful for; getting it all in writing is too overwhelming a task. I’ve written the “thankful” post in my head a thousand times this week, but the intent keeps getting lost in the sentimentality. Just thinking about it all causes tears of gratitude every time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

1st Thanksgiving


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