And now for something completely different

Today was a long day, with an early (4:58am) start due to the time change, so I’m phoning in today’s post.

If you are gay, or if you are religious, but especially if you are gay AND religious, please read this post addressing coming out, faith, and ones relationship with God. Since churches are often the most vocal about their anti-gay message, many folks believe that they need to stay in the closet to maintain their relationship with the church, when in fact the reverse is true.

And with that, I think I’m turning in for the night. At 9pm. The “extra hour of sleep” is a fallacy with a young one around.


About Alicia

A New Orleans girl living in Georgia and starting a family. This blog is and outlet for my thoughts and pondering while pregnant, figuring out how to raise a little one, defining our family as a 2 mother household, work/careers, and just anything else I have to get off my mind. You can also expect the ruminations of special guest blogger, Ashley.
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