7 Months

This is a little late. But it’s been written in my head for a while, does that count? I guess we were distracted by our little bumble bee & maw maw’s visit at the end of the month.

Happy Halloween!

Sweet Elia,

You’re becoming quite a little traveler. While your 6th month opened with a road trip to the beach and New Orleans, your 7th month started with a trip to Austin and San Antonio. Your first flight went GREAT. You barely made a peep on either flight, despite being wide awake for most of the 2 hours each way. We nursed at take off and landing, played with Sophie and your Taggie ball, and then played “pass the baby back and forth to distract her.” I have to admit, I’ve never been so happy to hear “please prepare for landing” because I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. After both flights, everyone around you complimented us on what a good baby you are. I’d love to take the credit, but the fact is, you’re just a laid back social butterfly who loves to see and study new things. Mommy and Mama didn’t have to do much.

You’ve also become a little goat baby this month, in that you will eat anything. We’ve tried so many new foods and combinations of foods and you haven’t so much as wrinkled your nose at any of them. Well, plum did give you a bit of a frisson because they were a little more tart than any of your prior foods, but you ended up loving them as much as any other food. And so I’ve been a pureeing fool just to keep up with you. The puree champion, if you will.

Would it kill you to just give a compliment, Alex?

But seriously, this is what I’ve been doing all month:

Plums, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Apples, Mangos, Pear, Green Beans, Peas, Spinach, Prunes

You’ve gone from eating 1 or 2 cubes (ounces) to as many as 5 for dinner. And somehow this has not diminished your enthusiasm for nursing. We got you up to 3 meals a day fairly quickly. In part because you love eating and we love seeing you enjoy it. But also to see if it would help with your sleeping…and it did!

See, at month 4 you started waking only 2 times a night, and that was lovely. But months 5 and 6 were bad. Like, newborn-bad. Waking-every-90-minutes-bad. We didn’t expect to still be here at 6 months. But after the Austin trip, you got back to only waking once a night on average. It’s a miracle. It’s an early Christmas present. It’s probably just a phase. I’m enjoying it, but I’m still wary that a growth spurt, wonder week, teething, or sickness will send you right back to your all nighters.

You’re still a happy, sweet, social little baby. You give kisses and hugs and greet nearly everyone with a smile. You’ll still go to anyone and are as happy as can be. You’ve gotten really good at sitting and are now rolling in both directions with no problem. You’ve just started lunging towards toys (and cats), but when you’re on your tummy and push up to reach for something, you end up pushing yourself backwards which makes you quite angry. I don’t think we’ll have a crawler in the very near future and we’re VERY ok with that!

It’s been amazing to see more of that personality emerge. This is truly a fun age.

Couldn't choose just one

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