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Color Themes: August / Green

This month’s color theme was green. Again, another perfect color for the month in my opinion. As it turns out, this month’s unofficial theme is “landscapes.” Sure there are probably a ton of other, less expected instances of green in … Continue reading

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5 Months!

Happy 5 months, Elia Grace! It’s been a fun month. She’s becoming SO active and interested in everything. I can barely feed her any more because of how distracted she’s become. With every new sight and sound, she snaps her … Continue reading

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There’s the family you are born in to and then there’s the family you create. And then there are the families that others create who are still related. Confused? In the wacky world of donor insemination, we have to understand … Continue reading

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Color Themes: July / Red

Several of the bloggers I follow participate in a photography project with different color themes applied to each month. Never one to be worried about being late to a party, I decided to join this party WAY late. Over 1/2 way … Continue reading

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