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Getting Here

Dear DMV Lady, Bank of America Manager & OBGYN Scheduler**, I know what you’re thinking. You’re not even hiding it well. I see the quick glance to my 3rd trimester belly when I tell you that I have a new … Continue reading

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Snowed In ’11

Well, Atlanta has been more or less snowed in for 3 days straight. Normally, this would be great fun – oh my – just THINK of all the books I could read on my new Kindle! But this week hasn’t … Continue reading

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So long 2nd trimester

Well that was quick! The second trimester came and went in no time at all, leaving me a little¬†confused, befuddled, and bewildered about all the stuff that one has to do to actually prepare for life with this little baby … Continue reading

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Whew, things have been quiet on this blog for the last week. In real life, they’ve been anything but quiet. Unfortunately the soundtrack has been all hacking coughs, sniffles and pitiful moaning and groaning. A tiny little tickle in my … Continue reading

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